Performance and Load Testing

  • Performance Testing engineers with knowledge of LoadRunner are in high demand across product and service companies. This course will be enable you for a rapid and competitive career growth path and advancement in Software Testing/QA careers. The course has been designed for professionals and beginners with little or no Performance Testing experience to prepare for job-readiness from day one.

  • HP LoadRuner can be used to test applications, including web applications, to measure system behaviour and performance under load. It can be used to capture, replay and script different application and networking technologies such as .NET, Java, database servers SQL and Oracle, internetworking protocols, email protocols and remote client technologies.

  • This course will provide you an excellent kick start in load and performance testing. The course is well balanced between theory and hands-on work on live websites in different domains such as Social Networking, E-Commerce and Content Management Systems. We also prepare you for Job Interviews as part of the course.

Batch Duration Start Date Timings
Batch 1 4 weeks
32 hrs
August 1st, 2015 Sat and Sun

What participants will learn

With a heavy focus on hands-on excercises, the following topics are covered:
  • Performance and Load Testing Concepts
  • Load Testing using LoadRunner
  • Planning and Executing Effective Load Tests
  • Manual Correlations
  • Executing Scenarios with LoadRunner
  • Performance Monitors
  • Result Analysis

Intended Audience

  • Professionals with Manual Testing and/or Test Automation background aspiring to move up the technology ladder for better opportunities in the market
  • Students and recent Graduates who want to get a head-start in pursuing a Performance Testing career
  • Anyone with a programming background wanting to pursue Performance Testing

Course Pre-requisites

  • The participants should have basic knowledge of programming
  • It is advised to refresh these skills to obtain maximum benefit from this training

Course Details

The course content is broken down in smaller topics and sequenced based on their relationship for easy grasping by the attendees.

  • Introduction to Testing
  • Introduction to Performance Testing
  • Performance Testing Types
    • Load Testing
    • Stress Testing
    • Endurance Testing
    • Spike Testing
    • Volume Testing
  • LoadRunner Overview
    • LoadRunner Testing Process
    • LoadRunner Architecture
  • Planning an Effective Load Test
    • Define measurable goals for testing
    • Gathering information before testing
    • Document and organize system information
  • Recording
    • Structure the script based on planning
    • Use VuGen to record a Vuser script for web environment
    • Describe HTML and URL Recording levels
  • Playback
    • Identify the appropriate web run-time settings to set
    • Configure web run-time settings to run the script
    • Verify Vuser script functionality in VuGen
  • Actions and Transactions
    • Create multiple actions in a Vuser script
    • Configure actions to achieve the load testing goals
    • Add transactions to measure the response time
  • Parameters
    • Solve play back problems by paramerizing the script
  • Check Points
    • Identify visual cues to check for during load test
    • Add text check points during and after recording
  • Manual Correlation
    • Distinguish available correlation methods
    • Correlate a script manually using correlation function
    • Correlation during and after recording
    • Correlation after recording
    • Use the scan for correlation tool
    • Correlate data during recording
    • Define rules for correlation in recording options
    • Enable correlation during recording
  • Introduction to Scenarios
    • Explain elements that make a LoadRunner scenario
    • Identify different types of scenarios
    • How to choose the scenario
    • Present the basic steps for creating a scenario
  • Run-Time Settings
    • Configure run-time settings in the controller
  • Scenario Execution
    • Prepare for scenario run
    • Identify techniques to efficiently run a scenario
    • Scheduling Scenario
    • Prepare VuGen Vuser Intialization
    • Configure scenario ramp up and ramp down
  • Performance Monitors
    • Value of Performance monitors
    • Selection of Performance monitors
    • Add measurements to Performance monitors
    • Performance overlays to track down bottlenecks
  • Results Analysis
    • Value of root - cause analysis- resources bottleneck, code loops
    • Diagnosing errors with LoadRunner - Application and Architecture
    • Meaningful interpretation of LoadRunner Graphs
  • Meaningful Interpretation
  • Interview Questions Discussion

Venue Details

Location 1
Corporate Software Park,
Ashoka Plaza Tower B,
Next to Hotel Hyatt Regency,
Viman Nagar,
Pune-411014. Click here for Map
Location 2
La-Gloriosa Bldg,
Near Arnold's High School,
Kalyani Nagar,
Pune-411014. Click here for Map


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