Performance and Load Testing

  • Performance Testing engineers with knowledge of JMeter (arguably the most popular Performance testing tool) are in high demand across product and service companies. This course will be enable you for a rapid and competitive career growth path and advancement in Software Testing/QA careers. The course has been designed for professionals and beginners with little or no Performance Testing experience to prepare for job-readiness from day one.

  • Apache JMeter can be used as a load testing tool for analyzing and measuring the performance of a variety of services, with a focus on web applications. JMeter can be used as a unit test tool for JDBC database connections, FTP, LDAP, Webservices, JMS, HTTP, generic TCP connections and OS Native processes. JMeter can also be configured as a monitor,and for some functional testing as well.

  • This course will provide you an excellent kick start in load and performance testing. The course is well balanced between theory and hands-on work on live websites in different domains such as Social Networking, E-Commerce and Content Management Systems. We also prepare you for Job Interviews as part of the course.

Batch Duration Start Date Timings
Batch 1 6 weeks Mar 4th, 2017 Sat and Sun

What participants will learn

With a heavy focus on hands-on excercises, the following topics are covered:
  • Introduction to Performance Testing
  • Testing with JMeter and its Elements
  • Building and Executing a Test Plan
  • Bulding a Monitor Test Plan
  • Running Multiple Scripts
  • Reporting and Analysis

Intended Audience

  • Professionals with Manual Testing and/or Test Automation background aspiring to move up the technology ladder for better opportunities in the market
  • Students and recent Graduates who want to get a head-start in pursuing a Performance Testing career
  • Anyone with a programming background wanting to pursue Performance Testing

Course Pre-requisites

  • The participants should have basic knowledge of programming
  • It is advised to refresh these skills to obtain maximum benefit from this training

Course Details

The course content is broken down in smaller topics and sequenced based on their relationship for easy grasping by the attendees.

Introduction to Performance Testing & JMeter

  • Introduction to Performance Testing
    • Overview of Performance Testing
    • Performance Testing Concepts
    • Performance Testing Types
    • Why Performance Testing tools?
    • Why JMeter?
  • Running JMeter
    • JMeter's Classpath
    • Using a Proxy Server
    • Non-GUI Mode
    • Distributed Mode
  • Introduction to Elements of JMeter Test Plan
    • Thread Group
    • Controllers
    • Samplers
    • Logic Controllers
    • Listeners
    • Timers
    • Assertions
    • Configuration Elements
    • Pre-Processor Elements
    • Post-Processor Elements

Testing with JMeter

  • Building a Test Plan
    • Adding and Removing Elements
    • Loading and Saving Elements
    • Configuring Tree Elements
    • Running a Test Plan
  • Adding Users
    • Adding Default HTTP Request Properties
    • Adding Cookie Support
    • Adding HTTP Requests
    • Adding Post-Processor for Correlation
    • Adding a Listener to View/Store the Test Results
    • Saving the Test Plan
    • Running the Test Plan
  • Recording Tests Using JMeter
    • Creation of Thread Group
    • Adding HTTP Proxy Server
    • Configuring HTTP proxy server
    • Configuring the browser for recording the test script
    • Capturing the test steps using JMeter
  • Handling the dynamic server values
    • Handling User Sessions with URL Rewriting
    • Using a Header Manager
    • Handling the dynamic server values
    • Parameterize the user sessions
  • Parameterize with test data
    • Identifying the test data on AUT
    • Open a csv file with JMeter
    • Reading the data from CSV files
    • Using the parameters in JMeterTests
  • Adding Assertions to the test script
    • Validating the response data related issues
    • Validating the response size related issues
    • Validating the threshold for the server response times
    • Running the tests and analyzing the Assertion results

Advanced Concepts

  • Building a Monitor Test Plan
    • Adding Server
    • Adding HTTP Requests
    • Adding Constant Timer
    • Adding a Listener to View/Store the Test Results
    • Adding Monitor Results
    • Saving the Test Plan
    • Running the Test Plan
  • Running Mutiple Scripts with JMeter
    • Creating multiple test thread groups
    • Calling the multiple thread groups from a test plan
    • Configuring the threads groups with respetive users numbers and ratios
    • Running the load test for multiple thread groups from a Single Test
    • Analyze the user group specific issues
    • Analyze the Test plan specific issues for all user groups

Reporting and Analyzing the Results

  • Adding the Assertion Results and monitoring
  • Configuring and Generating the Distribution Graph
  • Configuring and Generating the Graph Full Results
  • Generating the Monitor Results
  • Saving the data through Simple Data Writer
  • Configuring and Generating the Spline Visualizer
  • Generating the Aggregate Graph for multi group test
  • Generating the Aggregate Report for multi thread group test
  • Generating the Summary Report

Venue Details

Location 1
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Pune-411014. Click here for Map
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La-Gloriosa Bldg,
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